The Old Rye Road

The Old Rye Road is an approved residential development consisting of nine detached dwellings.

The site was not listed on the local plan and sat outside of any built boundary of the village of Brooklands in Kent.

This approved proposal was for a self and custom-build development. The application made use of new Government policy regarding the need for Local Authority’s to have a self-build register. The register is a requirement for all Local Authorities to supply self-build sites throughout their area.

The scheme was submitted as a hybrid application; with a detailed element of the application setting the site access, highways and maximum number of dwellings.

The outline element of the application was for the potential new dwellings. This will enable self & custom builders to agree the final dwelling design, size, footprint and location independently.

In addition to the application drawings and design and access statement, this application was also submitted with a ‘Design Guide’ for the detailed design element of the proposed dwellings.

The team developing this application felt that this would safeguard the proposed development by setting a simple pallet of materials and building parameters; within which any new dwelling on the site should be designed to. This is to ensure the quality of the overall development after the outlined element has been agreed to.

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