Running Water

Running Water is a scheme Urban & Rural have developed, working with the site owner from the initial site appraisal prior to purchase.

Based on this input, our client purchased the site and we applied for a formal Pre-application process with Canterbury City Council’s Planning Department.

While the Pre-application concluded that an application would not be supported, Urban & Rural worked with our client to develop a detailed planning application.

The scheme was presented to the Parish Council and then submitted for a Full Planning application.

The Case Officer dealing with the application concluded in the Officer’s report that Canterbury City Council would not be supporting the application and recommended a refusal.

Urban & Rural built a case to justify the scheme and presented this to the Planning Committee in the Council chambers.

After lengthy debate, the councillors voted on the application with 7 in favour, 4 abstained and just 3 against.

This unusual case has secured full planning consent for our client, with the committee voting against the Planning Department’s recommendation and approved planning.

This is a prime example where the high level of the design and the quality of the submitted application got the approval our client required.

Urban & Rural have now carried out the detailed design and produced a full technical package to allow construction on site to commence.

We look forward to seeing the completed scheme

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