St George’s Terrace

St George’s Terrace is located within the sea front Conservation Area of Herne Bay, just along the north Kent coast from Whitstable.

The existing 1960’s house sits high up on St George’s Terrace with commanding views looking directly out to sea.

This project was a great opportunity for us to develop one of our specialisms and to look at the work we have been doing with poor quality 1960’s buildings.

By making simple yet key changes to the façade, we have been able to re-inject life into good quality, well-constructed buildings.

Many of our clients feel that their existing property will have to be knocked down in order to achieve their desired dream home, but this project is the third in a series of schemes where we have proved this not to be the case.

By the intelligent reusing of the existing building fabric, we have managed to save the resources – including time, labour, materials and money – that would have been wasted in demolishing the building and rebuilding virtually the same structure.

The projects in this series of residential schemes not only radically change their external appearance but also update the internal layouts; securing en-suites to bedrooms and open-plan family kitchen rooms.

Working on proposed internal alterations and/or extension to a property, also provides the opportunity to investigate enhancing the fabric efficiency of the existing building – an issue we feel is important when working on older buildings.

We look at a number of new products and opportunities which can include simple jobs, for example, injecting the cavities with insulation, as well as lining the internal walls with insulated plaster, increasing the insulation in the loft space and providing air tightness. Through the adaptation of approved details used in modern new builds, we can deliver a very well insulated energy efficient building fit for the modern world.

Urban & Rural secured full conservation area planning consent.