Orchard House


Orchard House is located on the outskirts of the picturesque village of Wingham, Kent.

The client had spent many years living in the village and had been trying, with no success, to find the perfect house in this location. When Orchard House became available it was nearly perfect, apart from its 1960’s appearance and a very odd internal layout left over from historic poor-quality extensions.

Urban & Rural produced an initial feasibility, looking at the existing building and demonstrated what could be done to re-plan the existing internal layout and we provided an architectural solution to the external appearance.

The initial design work was then used in the pre-application process with the local planning officer.

This planning advice gave the client written feedback on the potential of an application being approved, before they had bought the property or spent money producing a full planning application.

The client then went on to purchase the property, the full planning application was submitted and approved.

This application secured a total internal floor space of 260m2, 2,798ft2 – a massive 234% extension on the original property, as it was originally built.