Borstal Hill, Whitstable
17th Century Cottage Renovation
Project Overview
We worked on the renovation of a locally-listed 17th-century cottage, attached to a Grade II listed building. Originally built as a coaching house on the traditional route from London to the sea, this historic property had fallen into a state of decay and was identified as a building at risk by local authorities. Our task was to work with the new owners to transform this neglected gem into a modern, functional home while preserving its charm and character.
Design and Planning
By enlarging the roof space to replace an existing flat roof with a pitched loft, room for an additional bedroom and ensuite were created. Additionally, the ground floor footprint was extended to the rear, and the existing garage was converted into habitable space. These changes created a larger, more open kitchen, living, and dining area, enhancing the overall flow and usability of the home.
The new owners, both skilled craftspeople, hand built many of the internal features, working with specialists to install the structural glass, polished concrete and landscaped gardens.
Purchased for £243,000 in 2018, the completed home garnered significant interest and was marketed and sold by The Modern House for £607,500 in 2020 following huge interest in the house. This project not only revitalised a historic property but also created a desirable modern home that reflects its past.
Like What You See? 
We are proud of this successful renovation, demonstrating our commitment to enhancing historic buildings with contemporary design and functionality. Interested in how we can transform your property? Contact us to learn more about our services.
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